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KC Writes: One of the founding members of, kC first aired on May 31, 2006 (a 13 hour set), the day was launched. The kC Show focuses on indierock and similar musical styles, but will delve into other other genres as requested or as his mood strikes him. After broadcasting on Monday nights for a few months, kC soon realized that his love for football could not be infringed upon, he then switched to Tuesday nights and can be heard from 10pm-midnight ET. Outside of the radio, kC is an opinionated SOB, he peddles alcohol for a living, spends too much time online, and has several other vices that he's quite happy with. He resides in and broadcasts from Richmond, Va. He also makes a great reuben sandwich.   Messages for kC  
Indy Writes: Indy is back! With my new show 'Indie with Indy' I would like to give starting performers some airtime, as well as the already 'settled' artists... This way, the show can be a platform for new artists to get their music OUT THERE... I started to do radio when my own show was given to me on my birthday in 2008, by the late Joe Public, one of the co-founders of this station. In the beginning I was soooo nervous! Now, after two years, I just can't wait to start again. I hope you all tune in every sunday from 1-4pm EST! See you there!   Messages for Indy 
Z Writes: Broadcasting Live, From Machesney Park Illinois, I Play Pretty Much Everything, Encluding Stuff You Don't Want To Hear. My Style Is Very Different, But That's What Makes It Great, I Try To Play Music That Normally Doesn't Get Out There, But, I'll Play Most Anything You Want To Hear, So Don't Be Shy, Since It Is, Z's Turn, A New Way To Listen To Music, And I'll Keep It Just That, If You Need To Know Anymore, Tune In And Find Out Yourself!   Messages for Z 
  CarolinaRick Writes: I'm a world traveler, double agent, singer of sentimental ballads, soft shoe dancer, professional killer, aviator extraordinaire, riverboat gambler, soldier of fortune, last of the big time spenders. By my hand, space has been journeyed, revolutions started, wars fought, governments run, uprisings quelled, football games fixed, bridges destroyed, tigers tamed, bars emptied, orgies organized, revenge wreaked, dinosaurs neutered, and in my spare time, I create matter. Most importantly, I'm a DJ on MEDIUMRARE.COM!  Messages for Carolina Rick  
  TD Writes: Broadcasting from the North Texas State Mental Hospital, the TD show is a family show featuring a wide variety of music and occasional talk. TD fancies himself the Chuck Barris of medium rare, having produced such classic shows as Crime Time, Sports Salon, and the Official NFL Post Game Show. Stay tuned for new shows by TD productions coming soon. All of the shows that TD is involved with are geared toward causing the listener to take a long hard look in the mirror and ask the question - why the hell am I listening to this crap?  Messages for TD  
  Benny Blanco Writes: After years of enjoying other shows on, I decided to finally make good on the threat of starting my own weekly radio program and put Burlington, Vermont on the map. Fab Fridays with Benny Blanco is a 3 hour excursion into rock, pop, hip-hop, and new wave from the 80's, 90's and beyond- as well as the freshest indie and alternative music of today. With a wonderful crew of loyal listeners from all over the world who join me every Friday night, the radio show has gone from being just a little hobby, to being the high point of my week and something that I truly love to do. Stop on by and get in on the action as we kick off the weekend in style from 9:00pm - midnight ET. And please don't feel bad, I'm sitting in front of my computer on a Friday night too. :p 
TG Writes: Live life, don't mourn it, for life is too short to rehash regrets. So love the people who treat you right, forgive the ones who don't, and believe that everything happens for a good reason. If a chance finds you, take it. If it changes your life, let it. If you find a fork in the road, pick it up. No one said it would be easy; but the meaning it gives makes it worthwhile; and much more pleasant when you listen to music any time you can...   Messages for TG 
Rebel Writes: Broadcasting live from her tiny, over priced beach box in California. If you enjoy music that has never or rarely ever sees airtime, then you will love Rebel’s eclectic mix of music from classic rock, hair bands, alternative, new wave, hard rock, metal, B-sides, punk, local bands and everything in between from every and all genres and era’s. So hang on as you listen to Rebel’s Rock~tivities, playing tunes with no rhyme or reason. Warning: Parental discretion advised   Messages for Rebel 
a Soldier Writes: a soldier's Place is perched in the foothills of the Great Cascade Mountain Range. Overlooking the majestic city of Vancouver, Washington USA, (no not BC, Maine, or France) watching as the Columbia River rushes by FULL OF FISH to the Sea like a wave to the World's oceans. Overflowing the from my Internets to yours and all those in between and Beyond^^. Except for "sunsets" on the Deck with the Boss, He is prone to appear at any time to Void the Silence and distract from the Irritation of the Human light dome over the cities of this planet. Currently partially contained within a 3 hour show, 8 PM eastern SAT. slot, Insane in the membrane waves explodes from his several brains to kick-start Saturday Evenings with waves from all Earth times... LOUDLY. Molded by years of listening to MediumRare DJ's into a madman of unpredictability, Don't listen at your pets own risk. SO Please, Get off my foot, Leave your Boots by the door, and TURN IT UP. Till all the Troops come Home.   Messages for a soldier 
  Wade Writes: wadebrigade radio comes to you LIVE from oz county, wisconsin every saturday night/sunday morning at 1AM eastern/12AM central. it's on the internets for free! the show is 23% punk, to include hardcore. 19% metal (hair, speed, death, black, math, stoner). 34% post-punk (encompassing all things borne of punk but not punk like 'indy' 'alternative' and 'grunge'). 18% totally random (kenny rogers). 6% talking about stuff and things.   Messages for Wade  
The ThE CrEmAtOr writes: ThE GrAvEyArD ShIfT ... I started listening and wanted to do my own show, and with help from some DJs and friends, ThE CrEmAtOr & ThE GrAvEyArD ShIfT were to speak. The show consists of some classic rock, but for the most part the show is all heavy metal. loud enough to wake the dead, or make them rise from their graves and say " Crank it up !!! "   Messages for ThE CrEmAtOr  
Terry Writes: Broadcasting live, ten paces from the stockyards in the center of Kansas City, Missouri. Terry brings you a mix of Album Oriented Classic Rock, along with a mix of his favorite movie sound clips and special effects. He also features local Kansas City artists as well as artists from around the world. Even though his show is primarily classic rock, Terry will play ANYTHING you desire..and I do mean Anything! Grab a beverage of your choice enjoy three-plus hours of music to very very nice to each other by!   Messages for Terry 
  MB Writes: Playing music – whether someone else’s or in real time – is one of the greatest joys in life. Now usually broadcasting from the opulent offices of imaginarium: Institute of Fine Arts in Cowtown California, MB is happy to bring whatever music folks want to hear – within reason. Guests are welcome in the studio with appointment or “drop-ins” through Skype (mb.jones). Known for marathon broadcasts of up to 13 hours, MB loves to share a wide variety of music and chat with her listeners and invites you into her world during her shows.   Messages for MB  
Dr. Writes: A dedicated listener of for quite some time, The Dr. has jumped in to become part of the Mediumrare DJ family, to the delight of millions. While juggling the rigors of school, motherhood and empty beer bottles, the Dr. has found a sliver of time in her week to bring her musical stylings to the airwaves, not well done, of course. The genres will bounce around more than Magic Johnson, but keeping you on your toes is what it's all about when listening to the good doctor. From the mountains of northeast Pennsylvania, The Dr. Show can be heard Sunday nights at 10 pm Eastern.   Messages for Dr. 
nNeo Writes: Broadcast from the shores of Lake Michigan, Unregulated Rock sometimes has a theme, but never restrictions. Almost any genre is possible, with a high probability of some alt, indy, and classic hard rock. There will be old favorites and new twists. Expect drama and dark beauty interlaced with silliness, and irreverent mash-ups. Content sometimes includes naughty words and adult themes, and may frighten children and small house pets.  Messages for nNeo 
Lady J Writes: Broadcasting from Richmond, Lady J comprises her playlists with a mixed bag of indie, rock, punk, goth, and industrial and whatever else her mood seems to choose. Editor and creator of Anti-Mag, a webzine dedicated to featuring individuals and the DIY spirit, Lady J has been an avid listener of and hopes to provide a show of music and special guests. The AM RADIO SHOW with Lady J from RVA can be heard on Wednesday nights from 8-10pm EST.   Messages for Lady J 
Warjorse Writes: Pirating from his evil lair near Wisconsin's capitol, .. Warjorse delivers a soothing metal massage for your tympanic membrane. After enduring a 15 year hiatus from Southern California radio, he's back with a vengeance and louder than ever. Metal Matters of the State combines heavy jams with corny life and political yammerings tucked in between. That slant comes from the exact middle due to Warjorse's distain for both major political parties in the US. Who says you can't rock and be plugged in to what happens with domestic and foriegn policy alike. Let's mosh and pay attention at the same time!   Messages for Warjorse 

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